Real Estate Investments

Real estate is one of the best areas of investing your financial resources. Whether we refer to the acquisition of a property or a set of properties purchased in order to be rented, whether we refer to the acquisition of properties off-plan in residential compounds in order to sell them for profit, or even if we refer to real estate development, all the options can bring a significant return to the real estate investor.

The advantages of working with Nobileo

  • We have the relevant know-how in the field of real estate investments
  • We have a special department of Property Investment, a team of well trained and experienced consultants
  • We provide a diverse portfolio of properties to our clients
  • We constantly offer access to unique investment opportunities, real estate projects represented exclusively by Nobileo.
  • We constantly identify investment options with high profitability for our clients
  • We have gathered significant experience in real estate development
  • We have substantial knowledge of administrative, legal and tax issues in the real estate field

Depending on the type of investment we can talk about yields between 5% and 50%, relative to a period of 1 year. The most affordable investments are those in properties for rent.
Yield in this case varies, depending on the property’s destination (residential, office, commercial) and rarely exceeds 11% per year. Given that this property can always be liquidized, most often with a slight profit.

Another type of investment refers to off-plan acquisition of properties in a residential compound. Resealing the property at project completion can bring yields between 15% and 40%.
For yields exceeding 40%, we talk about real estate development. In this case the invested amounts are higher, hence the more restrictive nature of this type of investment.