In Romania, all registered work force benefits from public healthcare. In Bucharest, there is a great number of public hospitals, where anyone can get assistance in emergency cases. Citizens of the European Union have the right to free emergency medical assistance as well.

In Romania, there is a total of over 500 public and private hospitals, out of which over 180 are private property.

In private hospitals, the staff is well-trained and usually, speaks English. Three of the largest providers of private healthcare in Romania are MedLife, Regina Maria and Sanador. The emergency service in Romania is called SMURD (Serviciul Mobil de Urgenţǎ, Reanimare şi Descarcerare), which is translated as Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication. This is a free service that deals with all emergencies and can be reached by dialing 112.

Bucharest is situated over thermal waters and recently became “Thermal capital of Europe”, because here you can find the largest wellness, relaxation and entertainment center based on thermal waters in Europe, “Therme”. It features not only thermal water pools but also, the largest indoor and outdoor garden in Romania. The garden consists of over 800,000 plants and hundreds of species of trees, including the biggest plantation of veritable palm trees in Europe, plus the main attraction – a Tree of Life that is one of the botanical rarities of the moment.

Also in Bucharest, you can find waterparks, public pools, tennis courts, football fields, fitness centers and beauty salons, everything you want and need to keep yourself health and in shape.